Review: Be Mi Beauty Box Hush Collection


One trend that never goes out of style is sparkle. From season to season and color to color, sparkle remains the one thing that myself and my clients are constantly reaching for. Especially if we are looking to add something extra to their nail design. Alongside that, sparkle can include everything from fine glitter to chrome to foils and much more.

But one of my favorite type of sparkle products is the Be Mi Beauty Box Metal Leaf Gels.

Be Mi Beauty Box is constantly releasing brand new collections of their Metal Leaf Gel products and I’m so thankful that I’m collaborating with Be Mi Beauty Box to bring you an in-depth look at their newest collection, the Hush Collection launched back in February!

The Be Mi Beauty Box Hush Collection { click here } released for Spring 2019 features 6-brand new shades of their famous Metal Leaf Gels including:

  • Blossom

  • Silk

  • Rosewood

  • Chestnut

  • Slate

  • Sage

In traditional Be Mi Beauty Box format, each of these new shades comes in a small grey jar labelled appropriately with the Be Mi Beauty Box marketing and product information. And they all come sealed tightly with their protective foil.

This protective foil can be quite difficult to remove. I have found the best method for removal of this protective foil is to use a small knife to carefully trim the inside portion from the product and then remove it - as you will not be able to pull these off like traditional foil protectors.

The Be Mi Beauty Box Hush Collection { click here } can be purchased directly through the Be Mi Beauty Box website for $110 (CAD plus applicable taxes and shipping). These full collections are extremely limited so you are going to want to grab yours quickly. If you do miss the full collection, you will be able to purchase the individual Metal Leaf Gels { click here } for $17 each (CAD plus applicable taxes and shipping).


Many of the previous formulations of Be Mi Beauty Box Metal Leaf Gels have been 1-coat coverage products. While this is an excellent quality, I’ve always chosen to apply my colored products in 2-coats to ensure full opacity and fill in any unevenness that may occur.

The newest Hush Collection differs slightly. These new products are going to be 2-coat coverage products as they seem to contain more pigmented base versus leaf particles. This isn’t particularly a concern for me as I always apply in 2-coats but its important to note if you are familiar with the previous 1-coat coverage formula.

The other big question I’ve been asked in relation to the Hush Collection is how some of the shades compare to the shades already existing in the Metal Leaf Gel product range from Be Mi Beauty Box. While I can assure you there are no direct comparisons, when I discuss each shade I will be sharing similar shades as a frame of reference and because this has been such an important topic surrounding this new collection!

With that said, let’s take a peek at the new shades!



Our first shade is Silk and is a beautiful orange toned gold shade infused with a similar tone of beautiful metal leaf particles.

Of the shades this is the most neutral, allowing it to perfectly pair with any of your solid color shades from nudes to bright pinks. This will also be an excellent shade to incorporate into various nail art designs, specifically in my nail studio I know I will be reaching for this shade a lot to run through the various marbled accents my clients request.

As for comparisons, this shade doesn’t directly compare to anything already existing in the Be Mi Beauty Box Metal Leaf Gel product range. But it sits right in the middle between Gold and Rose Gold - this is absolutely lighter in shade than Gold and is more orange or peach toned compared to Rose Gold!



Our next shade is Blossom and is a beautiful light baby pink rose-gold metallic shade infused with a similar shade of metal leaf particles.

These particular cool-toned or pink-toned shades are some of my personal favorite and they are some of the most chosen by my clients. Often times these are just popular shades but its also because they so easily can be incorporate as a single accent nail, done as a full set or even incorporated into various nail art designs.

As for comparisons, this was the shade I was most concerned about being similar to other shades including Blush and Rose Gold. However, this shade is much more pink than Rose Gold and not as vibrant as Blush. Its actually a nice middle ground of both those shades if you’re clients have been wanting something more neutral but still on the cool-toned pink spectrum.



Our next shade is Rosewood and is a beautiful dark blackened plum purple shade infused with more pink-toned particles of metal leaf flakes.

Of the entire collection, Rosewood is my personal favorite shade, as I love those vampy, jewel-toned and Fall appropriate shades. While I don’t particularly see this as a Spring shade, I certainly know my clients will reach for this more and more as we near the Fall Season.

Again, as for comparisons there is no previous shade that is directly comparable to Rosewood. However for the sake of this post I did go ahead and compare it to the others shade I have and Rosewood is actually a really dark version of Blush in my opinion. It has the same blush and magenta tones to it but obviously Rosewood has that very dark plum base.



Our next shade is Chestnut which is a beautiful milk chocolate brown shade infused with light gold metal leaf particles.

Brown isn’t typically a shade that is often requested within my nail studio and I’m sure that other Nail Technicians experience the same thing. However, I’ve always kept some brown shade in stock for those clients who may want to try something different and to incorporate into my various nail art designs. But one thing I was missing was a beautiful metallic glitter brown shade.

As for comparisons, just like the other shades in this collection there is nothing that directly compares. But similar to our previous shade, Chestnut is a dark version of Rose Gold as it has the same rosy and neutral tones but is obviously quite dark in shade.



Our next shade is Slate, a beautiful deep charcoal grey shade infused with silver metal leaf particles. However, in certain lights and paired with particular shades Slate may appear as a much black shade.

Shades of black are some of the most chosen shades among my clients when they have absolutely no idea what else to do. Alongside that, black shades are often a really popular shade in the Fall specifically around Halloween. They are also an extremely easy shade to incorporate into many nail art designs.

As for comparisons, Slate actually is quite comparable to Black from the Holiday Collection and then the re-release of Black in the Reborn Collection. However, Slate has a slightly more blue-undertone whereas Black was a very true blackened shade. However, in this case you might not need both shades because they are quite comparable in my opinion.



Our final shade is Sage which is a beautiful minty green shade infused with green and yellow toned metal leaf particles.

Green is immediately the color I think of when I think of Spring, alongside beautiful shades of lavender and blue. However, green isn’t often a popular shade within my nail studio when it comes to overall color but I do often incorporate green metallic’s and accents into my various nail art designs.

And finally, as for comparisons, this shade doesn’t directly compare to any of the already existing shades but it is extremely similar to Jade from the Original Metal Leaf Collection. However Jade is a much more pastel shade as compared to Sage!


The Hush Collection { click here } is another amazing collection produced by Be Mi Beauty Box and an excellent addition to the already expansive Metal Leaf Gel product line. It certainly helps to fill in the gaps that have previous been missing in their color selection. Alongside that, the addition of these shades allows Nail Technicians to take their designs even further and provide their clients with endless combination and design possibilities.

Within my nail studio, Be Mi Beauty Box Metals Leaf Gels never fail to make my clients feel beautiful. Something I’m extremely proud to be able to provide to my clients through such a high-quality product.

If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing Be Mi Beauty Box Metal Leaf Gel products, I highly recommend purchasing the Hush Collection { click here } as you are truly going to get a feel for what the entire Metal Leaf Gel product is about. The Hush Collection features some of the best neutral shades, vibrant colors and those deep dark shades that clients are constantly asking for!

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Let me know in the comments below which shade is your favorite!


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