Fabulous Character Painting with Magic Gel System and Liliya Saxon Nail Academy


Have you been scrolling down your Instagram feed only to come across a Nail Artist - like Fusion Nails { click here } or Nailz by Dev { click here } - who has created the most stunning and accurate hand-painted characters?

And have you gotten envious and wish you could complete the same design? Or even just something similar?

Trust me, I’ve been there!

My Instagram feed is booming with highly talented Nail Artists who are painting or creating incredible works of art for their clients and their portfolios. And it’s often left me wondering if I will ever be able to achieve the same level of creativity and talent these amazing women and men have.

Then I was introduced to the Fabulous Character Painting Course { click here } being hosted by Magic Gel System and taught by the incredible talented Liliya Saxon from Liliya Saxon Nail Academy.

To be completely honest, I was a little bit skeptical of learning such an intricate topic without having the ability to be hands-on in a classroom setting with an instructor. And I know many of my fellow Nail Technicians struggle with the same skepticism when it comes to intricate topics or specialized classes.

In fact, I know many Nail Technicians are on the fence about taking online courses in general.

In early February, Magic Gel System reached out to me and extended the opportunity for me to enroll in their Fabulous Character Painting Course. Alongside gaining vital knowledge to elevate my client services, I wanted to take the opportunity to share the Fabulous Painting Course with other Nail Technicians who are looking to elevate their client services but skeptical about utilizing online methods!

With that said, let’s get started!


The Fabulous Character Painting Course { click here } offered by Magic Gel System retails for $137 (CAD) and is on sale currently for $67 (CAD). Let me be the first to tell you this is an incredible deal, as you receive over 3-hours of step-by-step course content on everything from brush preparation and face proportions to step-by-step painting tutorials of some of the most popular characters including Winnie the Pooh, Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Minnie Mouse.

And all of this comes directly from Liliya Saxon, your instructor for the Fabulous Character Painting Course!

Liliya Saxon is a Licensed Educator for Magic Gel System, with over a decade of experience, she is extremely experienced in her craft and has the ability to educate other Nail Technicians in their field. Alongside that, Liliya is the founder of Liliya Saxon Nail Academy, she has won international nail competitions, she was featured in Nail Pro Magazine and she even authored a book on nail designs.

I’ve had the pleasure of being taught by Liliya Saxon previously during the Magic Gel Super Session in Halifax { click here }. Often times, throughout my day-to-day services I’m constantly referring back to information Liliya taught in this class. Therefore, I knew I would be able to accomplish the same thing with the course content inside the Fabulous Character Painting Course!

Once you’ve enrolled in the course, this is where the fun begins!

The Fabulous Character Painting Course { click here } has a total of 13-modules ranging in time-length from 1-minute to 1-hour depending on the specific module. For example, Module 5 is on Color Mixing and is a total of 3-minutes and 5-seconds whereas Module 12 is a step-by-step process of Painting Princess Jasmine and is a total of 57-minutes and 44-seconds in length.

In total, the Fabulous Character Painting Course has a content time of 3-hours and 14-minutes divided among the 13-modules. Alongside that, in each module Liliya provides step-by-step instructions and demonstrations to easily allow you to follow exactly what she is doing and the techniques she is using throughout the entire course.

The Fabulous Character Painting Course begins with an introduction and brief overview of the entire course before getting right into the first step-by-step module. Unlike other courses offered by Magic Gel and Liliya Saxon, this course actually starts you right off with a step-by-step module on painting Winnie the Pooh followed by a step-by-step module on painting Minnie Mouse.

After these two in-depth modules you then go in-depth with 7 modules on the various technical elements you need to understand for hand-painting characters such as brush preparation, face proportions and color mixing.

And then to finish off your Fabulous Character Painting Course you dive right back into 3 additional step-by-step modules on painting some of the most popular Disney characters.

While it might seem backwards to start right into the difficult content, I actually found it really beneficial. This allowed me to get a really good grasp on what I was going to be learning and allowed me to jump right into painting characters on my own. But the middle portion of content that features the technical elements of character painting allowed me to go back and rethink the techniques I use during the very first part of the course.

You might be asking yourself why this mattered.

And its because there were many technical errors I made when I just jumped straight into character painting. But when I had the opportunity to take the step back and learn about these important technical elements I was able to perfect what I was doing and paint more realistic characters.

IMG_0051 copy.jpg
IMG_0065 copy.jpg

Overall, the Fabulous Character Painting Course offered by Magic Gel is exactly what I’ve been looking for despite having reservations about the course, method of delivery and content. This course has allowed me to grasp the technical skills that are going to allow me to hand-paint characters and provide my clients with another unique service opportunity.

However, I’ll be totally honest!

Following the course, I’ve discovered that your first - or even your fourth - character aren’t going to come out exactly perfect. Character painting is a technique that you need to continuously practice in order to perfect the technical skills that will allow you to create perfect characters.

Unless you have some extreme knowledgeable of portrait art or you have been gifted with pure natural talent for character painting, your characters are going to come out looking a little squished, a little shaky and a little off balance.

And I’m totally okay with that right now!

I’m looking forward to taking the skills learned within the Fabulous Character Painting Course { click here } and continuing to apply them to various characters I’ll be painting. Line work is one of my biggest struggle, as I struggle in creating a solid, thin and smooth line for the smaller details throughout character painting like outlines, eyes or lips. This is going to be one of my biggest focuses moving forward!

I’m also looking forward to taking the skills learned and incorporating them into other areas of my hand-painted nail art services so that I can continue to elevate my clients experiences and provide them with unique and new designs!

And to finish, above is a sample of the characters I’ve been undertaking over the last several weeks!

On the left-hand side are some of the very first characters I’ve ever painted including Maleficent, Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh! And then on the right-hand side are some of the characters I just did this past weekend including another practice of Winnie the Pooh and Patrick the Starfish from Spongebob Squarepants!

If you are ready to take your hand-painted designs to the next level or if you want to provide your clients with incredible hand-painted characters that you are seeing throughout Instagram than this course is absolutely for you!

And it has never been easier or quick to enroll >> CLICK HERE


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