Review: LCN Canada What Do You Pink? Advanced Recolution Collection


Chances are you have a selection of clients that are true girly-girls, those that love pink, glitter and bows. I definitely have some clients who are and I absolutely love the additional feminine aesthetic that these ladies add to their already beautiful nails. While my selection of products has been expansive for these clients - and for all of my clients - including dozens of shades of glitter and beautiful pinks, none of these products have seemed cohesive. It seems that when my clients pick a beautiful pink shade we struggle to choose other similar colors for their designs or even the perfect glitter to incorporate.

I’ve often wished that there was a collection of products I could reach for that would easily pair together, but also act as separates, to best suit all of my clients. And with the newest launch from LCN Canada, I now have the perfect cohesive set of girly products for all of my clients to choose from.

The LCN Canada What Do You Pink? Advanced Recolution Collection { click here } launched November 1st for the Winter Season features 6 beautiful new shades including:

  • Pinks Preferred

  • Liquid Pearl

  • Roselicious

  • Pink Party

  • Pink Up Your Shimmer

  • Fuchsia Babe

Alongside this beautiful collection, you will also find a 50-piece selection of high-quality Swarovski Crystals, all of which you can find tucked inside the cutest metallic pink trend bag. While the LCN Canada Collections are always amazing, for some reason I’m addicted to collecting the amazing Trend Bags that these collections come in. Often times, I utilize these bags to store various product around my nail studio and in other cases I use them as additional decoration around my nail studio such as on my retail shelf, shelving unit or even as props for photography. Trust me, these bags aren’t just meant to be thrown in a drawer and hidden forever, as LCN Canada’s high-quality extends from their products to all other areas of their marketing and packaging.

IMG_6462 copy.jpg

The What Do You Pink? Collection comes in both Color Gel and Advanced Recolution format, and while I’m a huge fan of the LCN Canada Color Gel’s I’ve been quite surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying the Advanced Recolution Gel Polishes. In fact, the LCN Canada #FallOhMe Advanced Recolution Collection { click here } has quickly become one of my favorites and has been highly chosen among my clients for their recent services, which made it even more exciting to receive the What Do You Pink? Collection in Advanced Recolution.

Let’s take a peek at the beautiful shades within this collection!

Pinks Preferred.jpg

Pinks Preferred

Pinks Preferred is a beautiful chunky glitter featuring medium-sized silver and gold hexagonal glitters and small round blue glitters.

In the past, chunky glitters through any product such as Color Gels and gel polishes have a been the biggest pain for me to apply mainly due to their lack of clear gel - or base - to ensure a smooth and even application. However, the Advanced Recolution Gel Polishes contain enough clear polish mixed with their glitter to ensure an even application of glitter to create the exact effect I’m going for.

And unlike many glitters, this product applies beautifully in 1-coat but for more of an opaque effect you are going to want to utilize 2-coats.

Liquid Pearl.jpg

Liquid Pearl

If pearls come in a melted form, I believe this would be their color!

Liquid Pearl is the perfect shade of light baby pink with a subtle metallic finish giving it that extra little something special. This shade is perfect for all those clients looking for a more neutral shade but still want to add a bold touch to their intended design.

Similar to the other shades within this collection you can get an opaque application in 1-coat, however, for the best metallic effect I highly recommend a 2-coat application as this helps to smooth out the shade and create an even metallic appearance.



Barbie pink is one the of the most requested shades of pink within my nail studio. While I have some beautiful shades of Barbie pink from various brands, I’ve often found the products harder to work with. For example, one product requires 3-coats of color and the other looks clumpy and uncured when applied.

But all these struggles disappeared when Roselicious came into my collection.

While it isn’t exactly a true barbie shade, as it is a little bit lighter than the true color. It is the shade within my collection that most resembles Barbie and it seems to have my clients absolutely lusting to have this on their nails during their appointments.

Alongside that, this beautiful shade applies fully opaque in 1-coat!

Pink Party.jpg

Pink Party

Traditional pinks aren’t the only ones that exist. In fact, the less traditional the pink shade the more I tend to like it including Pink Party which is the perfect red-toned pink shade with a beautiful cream finish. This shade is perfect for those girl who want a brighter color but still want it to be feminine and unique.

And even better is the fact that like many other shades within the What Do You Pink? Advanced Recolution Collection, Pink Party applies fully opaque in 1-coat.

Pink Up Your Shimmer.jpg

Pink Up The Shimmer

Another fun twist on the traditional pink shade is one that is mixed with beautiful particles of shimmer, similar to Pink Up The Shimmer. This shade is a beautiful dusty medium pink shade with beautiful pink shimmer giving it the perfect metallic effect.

Often seen as a more sophisticated version of pink, this shade is often chosen by my older clients in more corporate settings who don’t feel comfortable with bubblegum pink on their nails.

And just like all the other shades, this applies fully opaque in 1-coat!

Fuchsia Babe.JPG

Fuchsia Babe

And last but certainly not least is Fuchsia Babe.

Although I wouldn’t really call this fuchsia at all, as this shade is much more of a medium to deep-toned red shade with a beautiful cream finish, it fits perfectly within this collection. Its nice to have a more neutral shade with a deeper hue to combine with the other shades from this collection.

However, I wouldn’t say this shade is anything special. LCN Canada has created some amazing red shades and I believe I would still reach for shades like Rubin’ Red, Glamour Robe or Love Berry if I was searching for this dark red hue.

But, just like all the other colors in this collection it does apply fully opaque in 1-coat, which is unlike some of the other LCN shades I just mentioned.


Overall I’m really in love with the LCN Canada What Do You Pink? Advanced Recolution Collection, even so that it almost rivals some of my previous collection favorites like the La Belle Vie Color Gel Collection for Spring 2018 { click here } and the Midnight Rendezvous Color Gel Collection for Fall 2017 { click here }.

As my collection of color products grow it really has started to become about finding unique color products, or color combinations, that make a purchase worth it for me. For example, why would I purchase another baby pink shade if I already have 5 in my collection…I just wouldn’t. But LCN Canada always keeps their collections unique and I think the What Do You Pink? Advanced Recolution is the perfect example of that.

Alongside that, the combination of colors and finishes is perfect for creating all types of nail designs, from those elegant 1-shade designs to even the most complex hand-painted nail art designs. And of course, we can’t forget about this clients who want an all-over glitter look. The possibilities really are endless with this collection.

As for purchasing, you should be running - not walking - to the LCN Canada website or your nearest distributor to purchase your very own What Do You Pink? Advanced Recolution Collection, as it retails for an amazing value of $79.00. But for those who need a little more convincing I just want to share that this cost makes each bottle of polish cost approx. $13.00 and this doesn’t even include your Swarovski Crystals or Trend Bag.

Its the perfect investment for any Nail Technician, which will quickly produce a return on cost and allow you to increase your revenue within just a couple of services!

So what are you waiting for?

Krystal OComment